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Syncrude Mildred Lake Oil Sands Processing Plant

Image Number: WH-1680031
Title: Syncrude Mildred Lake Oil Sands Processing Plant
Date: [ca. 2014]
Photographer / Illustrator: Wilson Hui Calgary, Alberta
Remarks: Syncrude began oil sands operations in Fort McMurray in the late 1970's. Oil sands were mined from the ground and then sent for primary extraction where bitumen is separated from the sand using water. That bitumen is then further upgraded to remove sulphur and other impurities. The eventual products of petroleum refineries include sulphur, coke, asphalt, paraffin wax, lubricating oils, fuel oil, jet fuel, naphtha, gasoline, and liquified petroleum gas. Most refining is done downstream in places like Edmonton Alberta, or other large refineries in Eastern Canada or United States.
Subject(s): Alberta, Fort McMurray, Oil Sands, Refinery