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Elk Point Grain Elevator

Image Number: WH-1680042
Title: Elk Point Grain Elevator
Date: [ca. 2014]
Photographer / Illustrator: Wilson Hui Calgary, Alberta
Remarks: Wooden grain elevator rows were once common on the Alberta landscape. It was common find rows of 8 or 9 in a town and every town had at least one. Grain elevators were likely on Railway Avenue where the train tracks were and one side would face the train tracks to load grain into the train cars while the other side was for the trucks where farmers drove into to get weighed and emptied their load of grain. When roads became higher capacity and trucks got larger, grain elevators were torn down and became farther spaced apart. A town often lost its train tracks and grain elevators within a short period of time when a larger facility was built else where. All that is left is a patch of gravel adjacent to a gravel lane where the train tracks used to be. Over time, it becomes a flat spot in the grass.
Subject(s): Alberta, Elk Point, Grain Elevator